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Organization Name: Gift2Life Inc. (G2L)
Organization Type: Main
Category: Individual Patient/Patient Support Group
Region: NCR - National Capital Region
Address: 2337 Concha St. San Andres Bukid, Brgy. 804 Manila
Agency Registered:
  • SEC
  • Registration Number: CN200805232
    Date Established Registered: April 4, 2008
    No. of Members: 30
    Scope of Services: National
    Frequency of Meeting: Every opportunity where and where invited in the Philippines for community-based breast cancer awareness (seminars / exhibits / missions) always with clinical breast screening (biopsy if needed); please see attached history of activities per year
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  • Our first 30-year mission is… “To address the challenges of breast cancer by engaging citizens in building communities with knowledge and access to better breast health service processes, equal opportunities to live quality lives, and decreasing deaths from breast cancer in the Philippines by the year 2038” Our first 30-year specific objectives or measurable end results are… 1. To provide easy to understand, community-based (and online-based in the future), knowledge about breast cancer awareness and breast health for the early detection of the disease towards early and timely breast cancer surgery; and referral for timely and appropriate chemotherapy and other treatments needed; to impact on the increase in over-all survival; 2. To direct a stress-free, community-based (and online-based in the future), access to service processes for the scalability of timely, sustainable, and completion of appropriate breast cancer treatments to impact on both the increase in disease-free and over-all survival; 3. To intensify awareness and empowerment for breast cancer prevention and high-risk detection efforts with breast cancer screening for its early detection and treatments by continuous improvement in the quality of information disseminated and services provided for the nationwide community-based breast cancer awareness, outreach, and local government unit (LGU) capability building in order to increase the chances of survival as well as eliminate neglected cases of breast cancer in the Philippines; 4. To provide standard and holistic breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and pot-treatment surveillance services by establishing an ambulatory (outpatient) breast cancer specialty center with short stay breast cancer surgery, chemotherapy infusion, diagnostic and surveillance work-ups, rehabilitation, and referral units accessible to those at the bottom of the population pyramid; 5. To generate funds, endowments, networks, partners, and volunteers for breast cancer program sustainability, clinical trials and researches for timely and sustainable treatments, and “Breast Health Accessibility to All” in order to decrease the mortality rate from breast cancer and improve the quality of lives of those afflicted.
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